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Kouloura Corfu

Kouloura is actually a small charming little fishing village and not a beach, lining the northeast coast of Corfu.

Giannis_Boats_Destinations0004It has a small restored natural harbour, where many of the locals moor there boats, and a nice but pebbly little beach, (Chouchoulio), which is shaded the whole way around by cypress trees and an olive grove, and nearly overpowered by the sound of crickets.


The beach is a lovely place to relax if an empty beach and some peace and quiet are wanted. There are no sun beds and umbrellas for hire (although the trees lining the beach are good for shade), or pedaloes or manic water sports disturbing the calm of the bay. The water is as clear and clean as anything, and, as the bay has a rocky bottom, it is brilliant for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Kouloura has taken this name because of her shape that reminds you round bread.


The little harbour is as quaint as it is practical. There is a harbour wall that juts nearly halfway across the mouth of the bay and then comes back around, so that the harbour itself takes on a horseshoe shape when looked at from the road above. The harbour wall acts as a breakwater during the winter storms and protects most of the bay from the storm waves. Thankfully, the harbour is too small and shallow for the larger tourist cruise boats to dock, which means that even at the peak of the summer, the peace and tranquillity of the area is never ruined.

Along the beach you can find just one tavern in which they serve fresh fish and salads, besides the usual fare of cooked Greek food and grilled meats. Don't hesitate to taste them. It is worth all the way there, just for that.


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